Harley-Davidson Bécancour Dealership

Your source for all things Harley: Bikes, accessories, clothing and more. 

Harley-Davidson Bécancour is proud to be your go-to place to find a Harley-Davidson bike in the Mauricie area. We carry the largest selection of both new and secondhand motorcycles outside of Montreal, and we are open seven days a week. If we don’t happen to not have the bike you’re looking for, we’ll go the extra mile to help you find it. At Harley-Davidson Bécancour, our mission is to make sure you have a great experience each time you visit and get the best service there is. We make it happen thanks to our qualified and passionate employees and our facility’s unique charm. You can also visit us to check out our impressive selection of Harley Davidson clothing and accessories. Whether you’re in it to buy a Harley-Davidson bike, accessories to make it to your liking or clothing to ride safely, our staff awaits you and is eager to share its passion with you.


We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, enjoy the ride!

Our team