Services offered at Becancour Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Maintenance and Repair

At Bécancour Harley-Davidson, our mission is to make assessments based on accurate diagnoses and give you rock solid guarantee of work. Yves Julien, our director of technical services, assisted by Simon Dicaire and Annick Binette, manages a team of 6 experienced technicians and Harley-Davidson graduates. Whether it's for routine maintenance or a simple check-up, at Bécancour Harley-Davidson, we handle small jobs and major repairs with the same care and attention. You can count on the dedication of our entire team at all times.

Trust our experts to handle your Harley-Davidson with total peace of mind. We know how much it means to you!


Vehicle Replacement Service

Bécancour Harley-Davidson is breaking new grounds by rendering two replacement* vehicles available to its customers. We know how valuable your time is, so why not bring us your motorcycle the day before your scheduled appointment for maintenance or repair work?

*Upon booking. Some conditions may apply.


Dynamometer service

  • Performance goes hand in hand with efficiency and savings
  • Achieving top efficiency is possible, and it can be measured
  • One tour of our facilities and you’ll be convinced
  • You’ll be able to see our top-notch equipment
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